The Sneakers Worn in Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

If you’ve watched Space Jam 2: A New Legacy, you’ve undoubted noticed the bevy of sneakers worn in movie. Much like its predecessor had Jumpman sneakers, this LeBron James produced movie featured Nikes everywhere. The King even fell into Tune World imprinting a swoosh into the ground. This makes sense as James has a lifetime deal with Nike, meaning even his on-screen family had nothing but swooshes on.

There are quick glances for Klay Thompson and Damian LIllard’s ANTA/adidas sneakers, but we couldn’t identify them due to the amount of CGI on their Wet-Fire and Chronos Goon Squad characters. More than likely, they are wearing their signature ANTA KT 6 and adidas Dame 6 shoes at the time they filmed their scenes.

With that said, here are the notable sneakers rocked in Space Jam 2 (spoilers ahead.)

Nike LeBron 19

The most prominently worn sneaker in the film was on the feet of James himself. LeBron and Nike coordinated the unveiling of the King’s 19th signature shoe just weeks before the release of Space Jam 2. The orange and blue colorway was worn most frequently in the movie, with the colors matching the bright Tune Squad jerseys in the pivotal basketball game.

Even the cartoon version of James was rocking the LeBron 19 in an all-red colorway.

James can even been seen writing the names of his fictional children on the blue “Space Jam” LeBron 19 as a cartoon:

You can find the Nike LeBron 19 at StockX and GOAT after the shoe releases in Fall 2021.

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95

Image via Product Placement Blog

In the beginning of the film, 1998 kid LeBron James is seen rocking the “Blue Fury” colorway of the Air Max Uptempo 95. This sneaker was originally worn by players big and small, namely Earl Boykins and Scottie Pippen.

The Blue Fury colorway shown in the movie released in 2019 but the style is in the era that LeBron grew up in. You can find this colorway of the Air Max Uptempo 95 at StockX.

Nike Air Tech Challenge 2

Image via Product Placement Blog

Seconds later, LeBron’s friend Malik walks by to let him play with the original Nintendo Game Boy. Malik walks up in the Nike Air Tech Challenge 2, a sneaker worn by tennis star Andre Agassi in 1989. Multiple retros have released in this “Hot Lava” colorway and you can find all of them at GOAT.

Nike Air Zoom Generation

Image via Product Placement Blog

LeBron’s real-life kids get new names, with his eldest son switching from Bronny to Darius, played by Ceyair J. Wright. His first introduction to the movie has Darius rocking LeBron’s first signature sneaker in the Air Zoom Generation. This style released in 2003, with this black “King’s Rook” colorway retroing in 2017. You can find this colorway at GOAT.

Nike Air Max 2 Light + Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

Image via Product Placement Blog

LeBron’s younger son Bryce is replaced in this movie by Dominic, as played by Cedric Joe. His introduction saw him wear the multicolor Atmos x Nike Air Max 2 Light sneaker, which you can find at GOAT.

LeBron himself rocks a simple pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 in an Oreo black and white colorway. This can be found at Stadium Goods.

Nike Air Force 1 (Low + High)

Dom and LeBron appear on the WB Lot next and get sucked into the Serververse, where both are rocking the Nike Air Force 1. King James is rocking the classic all-white colorway, which you can find at Nike store.

Dom is wearing the AF1 LV8 in black, opti yellow, and orange peel gradient. This colorway can be found at StockX.

Al-G Rhythm even rocks the sneaker when he bulks up, wearing the Air Force 1 High in purple and white (found at StockX.)

LeBron’s right-hand man Malik in the film also is wearing blue and white AF1s (seen below), that aren’t currently available.

Nike Blazer Mid

Alongside the rest of the James gang, Darius is seen rocking white and yellow Nike Blazer Mids, which you can find at StockX.

Nike Air Flightposite

When Dom levels up his basketball skills at the encouragement of Al-G Rhythm, he upgrades his sneakers from the AF1 to the Nike Air Flightposite. This futuristic style dropped in 1999 and was notably worn by Jason Kidd and Allan Houston. This shoe isn’t new to the silver screen, as it was also worn by the Green Goblin in the original Spider-Man movie from 2002.

You can find the gold and black Flightposite at StockX.

Nike LeBron 16

Diana Taurasi appears briefly as herself as well as the White Mamba on the Goon Squad. The latter had a tail, so no sneakers were worn. Taurasi also appeared when Dom needed to scan hoopers for his game, where she was spotted rocking a grey Nike LeBron 16.

That specific colorway isn’t available but you can find others at GOAT.

Nike Kobe AD + Nike Kobe 9 Elite

Anthony Davis is seen in the Dom motion capture seen wearing a Nike Kobe AD PE in black, yellow and orange. You can find other colors at GOAT.

Later Davis shows up as his Goon Squad alter-ego “The Brow”, with the eagle-man rocking the Nike Kobe 9 Elite in the blue and green “Perspective” colorway. This can be found at GOAT.

adidas N3XT L3V3L + adidas Marquee Boost Low

Everything has been Nike so far, but some adidas did slip through editing for brief moments. Nneka Ogwumike is seen wearing the adidas N3XT L3V3L during the Dom scan. You can find this shoe at StockX.

Her Goon Squad alter ego Arachnneka is found wearing the adidas Marquee Boost Low, which can be bought at StockX.

Nike Dunk Low

At the end of the film, Dom gets his wish with LeBron allowing him to go to Game Design Camp. The young James walks off in the Nike Dunk Low in green and yellow. This Doernbecher charity shoe can be found at GOAT.

Nike Air Fear of God 1

The craziest moment in Space Jam 2 was when “Michael Jordan” showed up to help the Tune Squad. Of course, it was THE Michael Jordan and any sneakerhead could tell, as this man walked in with Nike Fear of God 1s instead of a Jumpman shoe.

You can find Michael B. Jordan’s black and white Nike FOG 1 at StockX.

Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott

After the credits roll, you can see members of the Tune Squad in the real world interact with athletes and celebrities. After Porky Pig dropped bars earlier in the film, you can see him on stage with Travis Scott, whose rocking his brown Air Jordan 1 collab. You can find this Mocha sneaker at GOAT.

Cover image via The Undefeated

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Premiere: Rawlings REV1X, Francisco Lindor’s Breakthrough Glove | WPW Origins

Rawlings invited WPW behind the scenes at the Rawlings Leather Lab to meet the creators and the revolutionary tech inside the REV1X glove, the brainchild of Francisco Lindor and the glove team at Rawlings. Its a glove unlike any ever made. Video premieres on 7/15 at 10 am eastern, 7 am pacific on YouTube.

You can get the REV1X now for $400 at, and #defenserevolutionized #rev1x

11.75″ Pitcher’s REV205-9X

12.75″ Outfielder’s REV3039-6

11.5″ Infielder’s REV204-2X

11.75″ Infielder’s REVFL12

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Rawlings REV1X x Francisco Lindor | WPW Origins (TRAILER)

WPW Origins: @rawlingssg #REV1X starring @lindor12bc drops TOMORROW at 10am eastern/7am pacific. Go behind the scenes at the Rawlings Leather Lab to meet the creators and the revolutionary tech inside the REV1X glove, which will also be dropping TOMORROW at, and #defenserevolutionized

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Nike Catchers Gear is Back… in 2022

Nike catchers gear will make its valiant return to retail in late 2022. That’s what we heard from @nikediamond.

They’ve launched the “whole revamp on the leg guards and chest protector” at the 2021 All-Star Game, and it’ll be available for sale (no word on colorways) late next year (2022).

According to Nike:

The leg guards have been “completely restructured to provide more coverage and flexibility and overall connection to the leg,” according to Nike.

Nike added, “The chest protector will be more form fitting, customizable straps and overall better protection.”

This is huge news for catchers, as its been the most requested product for catchers ever since Nike catchers gear disappeared from the market several years ago. Since then, while Nike catchers chest protectors and leg guards remain a fixture in MLB, catchers have had to scour eBay for the popular pro look.

We’re really excited to see this drop in 2022—stay tuned to @whatproswear for more as it becomes available.

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Who’s Swinging What at the HR Derby? (Shohei Ohtani’s Bat, Joey Gallo’s Bat)

We’ve got quite the show for tonight’s HR Derby. Shohei Ohtani, who will be the AL’s starting pitcher, will also be the top seed in the HR Derby. You may never see such a thing again in your life. Here’s what every slugger is swinging in the Derby tonight.

Shohei – Asics Goldstage

This is the most mysterious bat in baseball, as its the only one that we don’t have anyone that we can ask about it. Its an Asics Goldstage, and its hitting balls harder than any other bat on Earth right now.

If you have any details, please comment!

Juan Soto – Old Hickory AJ25

One of three swinging Old Hickory in the 2021 Derby, Juan Soto’s Old Hick is the AJ25.

According to Old Hickory, Juan Soto’s Old Hickory AJ25 “is cut to the G175 profile. It has a medium barrel with a long taper to an extra thin handle and a flared knob.”

Dimensions = 2 17/32 Barrel (medium), 7/8 handle (thin), flared knob

Juan Soto’s bat model is available at this link.

Salvador Perez – Victus i13C

Salvador Perez has run through just about every bat brand in his career, but he’s settled in lately with Victus. While he’s switched out the label, the i13 has always been his favored profile—the classic endloaded power hitter’s model. Find i13 variations at

Pete Alonso – Dove Tail Bats PA20 XRI

Based off the “huge” barreled Louisville Slugger D200 (swung in the past by Buster Posey), Pete Alonso is still swinging the PA20, but with a new handle. Its the XR “Icon,” which is rounded, not oval like his previous choice, the Axe handle.

Looks like the Polar Bear’s got some options.

Matt Olson – Old Hickory GB2

Matt Olson swings the Old Hickory GB2, a 34″ bat with a medium barrel to a very thin handle and a flared knob.  Old Hickory says “the build of this bat allows for extra whip and bat speed.”  Matt Olson has plenty of both.

Shop the GB2 from Old Hickory at a range of $110-$160, depending on the level of customization.  At $110 you get a heck of a lot of customization on

Trey Mancini – Louisville Slugger C243

Another classic power hitter model, Trey Mancini’s C243 is one of baseball’s most popular ever.  Its considered the original power bat. You might find it on Baseball Express.

Joey Gallo – Marucci JG13

Here’s a couple options for Joey Gallo tonight:

Joey Gallo’s bat is a unique one. Its a JG13P2, a model custom built for Gallo, according to Marucci, “through data and analytics through our partnership with the Baseball Performance Lab and the Texas Rangers.

Joey visited (Marucci’s) campus prior to the season to have his own model custom built for his performance with emphasis on Balance Point Index – an interential statistic used to measure swing weight.”

From a story on

“I usually use a top-heavier bat,” Gallo explained. “Then Marucci kind of told me that if I distributed the weight a little bit more, made it a little more balanced and had more weight down by the handle, I would swing the bat a little bit better, and my hands would be quicker and whatnot, so it’s pretty interesting stuff. I have those bats coming this spring.”

You can see the funky knob, which seems to be helping Joey Gallo find his optimum balance point in his swing.

Trevor Story – Old Hickory ML1

Trevor Story’s bat of choice is the Old Hickory ML1. It combines a 110 barrel with a 271 handle—Story is the only one in baseball with this bat, which combines two balanced turning models.  The ML1 is not available online but the closest turn model is the Old Hickory JC1.

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Nike Unveils Giannis Antetokounmpo Signature Zoom Freak 3

Just in time for the playoffs, the Swoosh unveiled the Nike Zoom Freak 3 before Giannis Antetokounmpo’s game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Like on his past models, the latest Greek Freak design still takes into account Giannis’ rim-running game. This time around two large volume Zoom units are lined horizontally directly under the balls of your foot. This provides the right bounce in the right space for anybody who slashes to the rim often.

The shoe is also low to the ground, while still having a support piece in the tooling for support. This allows for more control when attacking the hoop.

Further support is utilized in the uniquely shaped heel cup that isn’t built into the midsole, which helps to minimize ankle rollovers.

The engineered mesh material upper further adds breathability and comfort. This soft material is balanced by a new strap akin to the one seen on the KD 14, adding lockdown to the midfoot area.

Finally, the traction features a familiar wave pattern last seen on the Nike PG 5. This pattern is particularly grippy when it was implemented on the classic Nike Kobe 9 outsole. This iteration a computer designed to match high wear areas to match Giannis’ style.

The black and purple “Project 34” colorway and the orange “Freak” colorway of the NikeZoom Freak 3 drops globally on July 1 and in North America sometime in August.

In typical Giannis style, he stuck with his tried and true Zoom Freak 2 this game. Meanwhile his teammate P.J. Tucker debuted the orange colorway on-court, living up to his Sneaker King nickname.

Image via BucksInSix

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Performance Review: Warstic DFNDR Series 12.75″ Glove

I’ve had my hands on this 12.75″ Warstic DFNDR series for over a month now which has given me time to break it in to the point that I feel comfortable giving my opinion on the glove and, ultimately, whether or not it will be a gamer for me. This glove is $370 on Warstic’s website and here’s my 1-month performance review of the Warstic DFNDR IK3 Series outfield glove.

Before we jump in, in case you missed it, here’s my unboxing:

After that, I took it out in the field with me to really get the full picture on this new offering from Warstic.

Out of the box, I mentioned a few things about the form that I was not fond of. The narrow heels and tall fingers along with a shallow break does not lend itself well to an outfield pattern.

I opted to break this glove in with a two-in-the-pinky grip. That is my personal preference for the outfield and I think most of the outfielders reading this probably feel the same. It gives you more strength when closing the glove and a little more length for a “snowcone” catch.

After working with this glove a little, the break-in felt slightly awkward. The glove wanted to close thumb to right around ring finger which, on its own, isn’t terrible. It becomes less desirable when paired with this pocket.

After a little over a month, this glove still doesn’t have a truly defined pocket. Between catch and mallet work, this glove still lacks that “lock in” pocket I want in an outfield gamer. The Warstic DFNDR series does not feel bad, but for me, it lacks that sense of security I feel in other outfield patterns.

The base of the fingers feels disjointed from the top, creating a strange shape when the glove is closed. In the video above you can see how when the glove is squeezed, there is still an opening at the top.

The DFNDR line from Warstic has potential. Their infield model felt great out of the box but this outfield model somewhat missed the mark for me. The kip leather feels solid and it is one of the best looking stock gloves out there right now. Personally, I do not think the Warstic DFNDR IK3 Series outfield model ($370) will become a gamer for me.

With that said, Justin Upton is playing with it in the MLB right now. Adding to their pro-backing, the infield gloves have Ian Kinsler‘s expertise baked right in; so they could very well be a winner. I would love to hear your feedback on Warstic leather if you picked one up.

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San Francisco Giants Unveil Throwback Jerseys to Celebrate Juneteenth, Commemorating the End of Slavery in the USA

In honor of Juneteenth, a day to commemorate the end of slavery of African-Americans in the United States, the San Francisco Giants will wear special throwback jerseys against the Philadelphia Phillies. Juneteenth, also known as Black Independence Day, Emancipation Day, or Jubilee Day, marks the day in 1865 that emancipation was announced to formerly enslaved African-Americans in Texas following the Civil War.

Via Wikipedia:

“The day was recognized as a federal holiday (YESTERDAY!) on June 17, 2021, when President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law. Juneteenth’s commemoration is on the anniversary date of the June 19, 1865, announcement of General Order No. 3 by Union Army general Gordon Granger, proclaiming freedom for slaves in Texas.

President Abraham Lincoln‘s Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 had officially outlawed slavery in Texas and the other states that had rebelled against the Union almost two and a half years earlier. Enforcement of the Proclamation generally relied on the advance of Union troops. Texas, as the most remote of the slave states, had seen an expansion of slavery and had a low presence of Union troops as the American Civil War ended; thus, enforcement there had been slow and inconsistent prior to Granger’s announcement.”

The jerseys honor the San Francisco Sea Lions, and mark the 75th anniversary of the West Coast Negro Baseball Association, which played for about three months during the 1946 season. The Giants will auction off the jerseys next week, donating the proceeds to San Francisco Juneteenth celebrations.

The jerseys feature orange piping and a navy bear cub mascot. The Sea Lions, an upstart group of ballplayers purchased the jerseys from the defunct semi-pro San Francisco Cubs, which explains the mismatched mascot. The team wore blank hats during their lone season. Overall, a crisp look for a beautiful cause, and one that should be celebrated by every single person on Earth who cherishes freedom.

The Giants’ celebration follows the Pride colors worn in their jerseys on June 5th, and comes amidst a growing national desire to recognize and celebrate Juneteenth. Moreover, it comes after MLB’s official designation of the Negro Leagues as a major league late last year, and Baseball Reference’s own recognization of the Negro Leagues alongside the American and National this week.

Shop Sea Lions jerseys at Ebbets Fields Flannel here.

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Nike Unveils LeBron 19 Alongside Space Jam Collection

While the King is no longer in contention for an NBA championship, the promotion of his 19th signature shoe and first starring role is in full effect.

Nike today unveiled the LeBron 19 alongside many other Space Jam licensed apparel. Like the “Space Jam” Jordan 11s, the orange based LeBron 19 seen below will debut in the Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Details are sparse on the tech front, but longtime designer Jason Petrie confirms there is an Air Max and Zoom Air setup once more. A double chambered Air Max unit in the heel for impact protection. A “newly shaped” visible Zoom Air unit is used in the forefoot for extra bounce when running and jumping.

The shoe design itself was said to be inspired by the upcoming Space Jam film, with the “space-age look” and launch colorway pulling from the Looney Tunes franchise.

Aside from the LBJ 19, Nike Basketball will drop 3 LeBron 18 Low colorways inspired by famous rivals in the Looney Tunes universe. This includes Bugs vs. Marvin the Martian, Tweety Bird vs. Sylvester and Road Runner vs. Wile. E. Coyote.

Other items include the Air Force 1 featuring Bugs and Lola as well as various Converse styles. Apparel will launch with Tune Squad and Goon Squad (the new MonStars) gear.

The entire Space Jam: A New Legacy collection is said to drop sometime in July, with the movie in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16. You can read more on the entire collaboration at Nike News HERE.

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The Greatest Sho on Earth: Ohtani Takes the Hill

Last week, Shohei Ohtani, baseball’s most exciting player, made an appearance at the Coliseum in Oakland, California. Ohtani took a 2-hitter into the seventh, getting pulled after some control issues and a Justin Upton error that scored Ohtani’s second earned run. While Sean Manaea outdueled Ohtani that night, Ohtani was in focus for WPW the entire game.

Pre-game, Shohei Ohtani toed the bullpen rubber very deliberately, taking time with every pitch to gather himself mentally and physically. It was apparent that he was searching for that “feel” early in his warm-up.

Ohtani’s Asics cleats are tremendously fresh.

They’re also on a noticeably flatter plate, looking a lot like a basketball or tennis shoe with spikes.

His glove is also Asics brand, a much more popular baseball brand in Japan than the US.

Black and maroon leather with black welting and binding with his number 17 on the wrist is an excellent combo for Ohtani’s game glove.

Ohtani’s web is a remix on a one-piece decorated web worn by many Japanese-born pitchers.

It has a diagonal cut through the middle of the maroon web with a slice of exposed suede. The cut is finished with a unique cross-stitch lacing that makes this glove even more unique. The logo stamp gives off Sonic the Hedgehog vibes.

Shohei throws arguably the heaviest split-finger fastball in the game right now, sitting in the low 90s and holding hitters to one of the lowest batting averages on any single pitch in baseball:

It isn’t easy throwing a bowling ball 60 feet though, and Sho threw a couple 45 footers before he started to find his release point on the splitter.

While I have no idea his throwing regiment, you could imagine its difficult to have pinpoint control on all your pitches while also sitting top 3 in the American League in bombs.

Hawaiian-born Kurt Suzuki and his 15 years of MLB service would guide Ohtani throughout the game. The way Suzuki rests his mitt on the ground as the pitcher releases the ball, then moves it up to receive the pitch is a beautiful way to give the umpire a great view of the pitch and get more strikes for his pitcher.

When Shohei took the mound, he seemed to gesture his respect towards the A’s dugout.

Throughout the game he would bow repeatedly to the home plate umpire as a way to request a fresh baseball.

He came out blowing gas, even if a little wild, and an errant fastball nearly took A’s leadoff hitter Mark Canha’s head off.

Canha, who gets hit a lot and never seems to be bothered by it, immediately spun around and screamed at Ohtani, “LETS F**KING GO!” which set off Kurt Suzuki in defense of his pitcher, and ended up half-heartedly clearing the benches.

As the Athletics team approached Ohtani, he waved them off, showing no interest in the confrontation. At 6’4″ 210 and cut from granite, the A’s didn’t seem to be jumping at the chance to fight Ohtani, either. Canha quickly reeled himself back in and things cooled down.

Ohtani would get the last word in that inning with a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play. He turned back to his catcher Suzuki and clapped loudly in appreciation for the inning-ender.

He gave a little smile to his bench, pleased with the result of the dust-up.

Ohtani wore long sleeves and frequently blew on his hands to warm them. He did not hit, and the Angels offense sorely missed him.

Pitching from the stretch the entire game, Sho generated tremendous power without a leg kick much of the time.

I took about 3,000 photos of him pitching, and there wasn’t a single pitch where he didn’t close his eyes at the release point.

Throwing a splitter as hard as Sho looks downright painful. (And it is.)

He struck out five and walked four, the fourth time in seven starts he walked at least four, but managed to pitch into the seventh.

Without Ohtani in the batting order, the Angels managed just one measly run.

If Ohtani comes to your town, you ought to get out to the park to see him. What a SHO!

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