Nike Catchers Gear is Back… in 2022

Nike catchers gear will make its valiant return to retail in late 2022. That’s what we heard from @nikediamond.

They’ve launched the “whole revamp on the leg guards and chest protector” at the 2021 All-Star Game, and it’ll be available for sale (no word on colorways) late next year (2022).

According to Nike:

The leg guards have been “completely restructured to provide more coverage and flexibility and overall connection to the leg,” according to Nike.

Nike added, “The chest protector will be more form fitting, customizable straps and overall better protection.”

This is huge news for catchers, as its been the most requested product for catchers ever since Nike catchers gear disappeared from the market several years ago. Since then, while Nike catchers chest protectors and leg guards remain a fixture in MLB, catchers have had to scour eBay for the popular pro look.

We’re really excited to see this drop in 2022—stay tuned to @whatproswear for more as it becomes available.

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